We Are Changing the World

Nothing gets us more excited than talking about what really means something to us. We genuinely enjoy participating in programs, which tie into our values. We donate a percentage of our profits to these worthy causes.


Pencils of Promise

First and foremost, Erica is a teacher, originally to school children and later to adults like you.  To us, education is freedom and empowerment.  We believe that all children (and adults) should have quality educational opportunities.  Therefore, we donate to Pencils of Promise, an organization that provides opportunities for children to go to school.  What makes them special to us is that they are all about building long term support.  Volunteers within communities that need it most across the globe help build their own schools.  PoP helps with the building, trains teachers, provides hygiene education and latrines, and grants scholarships for students.


Scholarships to Bath Alchemy Lab

Beginning in 2017, we will provide 2 scholarships per year to attend our 14 week Soapmaking Academy to those who cannot afford the program.  We will follow specific guidelines and work with a small committee to select winners each year.  You can learn more about our scholarships soon.

Educational Materials for Science Teachers

We have developed educational materials for teachers to use in the classroom for various science projects and experiments related to soap and skincare that support school standards, including Common Core.  They are free for teachers and parents who home school.  Our requirements for use are to respect our copyrights and use them for educational purposes only.  Watch for this in early 2017.

Cruelty-Free Beauty

Beagle Freedom Project and Triangle Beagle Rescue

A few years ago, a laboratory that tested on animals in NC came under scrutiny when PETA uncovered poor living conditions and treatment of animals that were being tested on.  A huge effort was coordinated by a number of groups to pull out the hundreds of beagles, cats, rabbits, etc. from the facility and find them forever homes.  We met one of the freed beagles in FL and later adopted one of the last to find a forever home after moving to NC.  This led to Erica’s husband’s passion to volunteer with Triangle Beagle Rescue.  He interviews potential adopters and inspects their homes to make sure a beagle is a good fit for each family.

Bath Alchemy Lab not only trains people to start their own cruelty-free soap and skincare businesses, it also donates to the Beagle Freedom Project that helps to remove laboratory animals and find them homes, and Triangle Beagle Rescue, a local organization that helps find homes for beagles.

We also purchase cruelty-free products, from sun block to dish detergent for both personal and commercial use.  We encourage you to use the ___ app on your phone to find cruelty-free brands whenever you shop.  There are plenty available.

Sustainable Beauty

Sustainability and Fair Trade 

We purchase ingredients that are grown and harvested sustainably and fairly traded for use in all our products.  Many of the ingredients are also organic.  Furthermore, we closely follow global news on the subject and educate others on the use of sustainable and fairly traded ingredients and practices, promoting a new generation of beauty businesses that value protecting planetary resources for the future.

Product Donations

Women’s Shelters

We make many products in our classes, videos, and book demonstrations.  And we donate much of it to women’s shelters across the US.  Our soaps are pretty and come professionally packaged.  We hope this gives women and children seeking refuge a comfort to enjoy.  It’s amazing how something small like a nice bar of soap can really make a person feel better.