Formulating Your Own Soap Recipes Book in Print


This printed book is a comprehensive guide to creating your own soap recipes and formulations.


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Formulating Your Own Soap Recipes Book in Print : The Definitive Guide and Reference for Creating Unique Formulations & Recipes

Offered in print or as a digital ebook. This page is for the printed book version.

This complete guide to recipe building is a valuable resource for makers of bar and liquid soap at any skill level.  You no longer need to use recipes from a book or website.  Expert Erica D. Pence teaches you how to design your own formulas for truly unique soaps. Gain insight into these topics and more:

•    Selecting ingredients based on your desired soap properties
•    Understanding saponification values and fatty acids’ role in soapmaking
•    Tackling the math involved in recipe formulating, step by step
•    Understanding lye discounts, water amounts, milk and more
•    Trait Combination Guides™ and other useful tools to get you started
•    179 Hard-to-find, comprehensive oil profiles in one reference book
•    Includes reference section filled with tables of information at your fingertips.

This easy-to-use book provides everything you need to know about creating your own soap recipes.

Book will ship media mail in the US and First Class outside the US.

ISBN:  978-0-9861696-0-1
Type:  Paperback, full-color
Length:  350 pages

Table of Contents:


Section 1: Basics of Soapmaking
Soapmaking Methods
General Terminology and Science
Lye and Safe Handling
Fats and Oils
Scenting Soap
Coloring Soap
Soapmaking Process

Sections 2: Key Ingredients
Understanding Oil Properties
Understanding Oil and Fat Profiles
Oil and Fat Profiles

Section 3: Formulating Recipes
One Rule of Soapmaking
Simple Calculations
Formulating Phase 1 – Using Existing Recipes
Formulating Phase 2 – Altering Existing Recipes
Formulating Phase 3 – Creating New Recipes

Section 4: Other Considerations
Lye Discounts and Superfatting
Water and Soapmaking
Using Milks
Liquid Substitutions
Additives and Design
Using a Lye or Soap Calculator
Using INS
Advanced Recipe Formulating
Troubleshooting Recipes

Section 5: Appendix
Appendix A – Oil Saponification Values (SAP) and Properties
Appendix B – Oils by SAP Value for Quick Substitutions
Appendix C – Oils by Primary
Appendix D – Fatty Acids List
Appendix E – INS and Iodine Values (IV) for Oils
Appendix F – Availability of Oils
Appendix G – Oils by Region
Appendix H – INCI by Oils
Appendix I – Formulation Worksheets
Appendix J – Unit Conversions

Sections 6: Resources

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