Soap the Rainbow Fun and Contest Plus Red Week

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color pigment

I’ve always loved to participate in a crafty or artisitic group, whether working on a collective project, participating in a swap, or joining a contest or challenge.  It’s a great way to push yourself to the next level and meet or learn of others in the craft or industry while having fun.

Bramble Berry decided it was time to have some fun this summer with one of my favorite things – color.  Their Soap the Rainbow challenge offers you the opportunity to show off your soap featuring a different color of the rainbow each week and possibly win some prizes.  You can learn all about the contest HERE.  There are also a number of color products on sale.  They invited some bloggers like me to help them by creating a tutorial for a color.  You can see that schedule HERE.  I was given the color green and I have a fun soapy project to share with you soon with full instructions, plus a contest of my own, so watch for it.

Last week the color was red.  A red soap was shared by one of my long time blogging buddies, Amy of Great Cakes Soap Works.  She made this lovely ombre layered soap in shades of red and pink in a tall and skinny design, but using a standard soap mold.

red soap

It’s a clever way to make new designs without feeling the need to continually buy new tools, like another mold.  You can see Amy’s tutorial HERE.  I also highly recommend her soap challenges, HERE.  I giveaway gift certificates for classes a few times a year.  I personally learned a lot from participating in challenges like this over my years of soapmaking and can’t say enough good things about Amy’s challenges in particular.

Bramble Berry has red inspiration and tutorials HERE.  Additionally, you can see many red soaps by searching #soaptherainbow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Here a just a few of my personal favorites.

Roxy Howe of For the Love of Beauty (FTLOB on Instagram)


Ceil Shissler of Tussah1 (Instagram)


Lara Celia – Salt & Honey Soap (Instagram)

Salt and Honey Soap

Carmen Iclodean of Earth’s Raw Beauty (Instagram)


Little Pea Soap & Bath (Instagram)


Trisha of All Lathered Up Soap Company (Facebook)

red soap

Tiny Bubbles Lovable Soaps (Twitter)

tiny bubbles

Milk and Honey Soapery (Twitter)

Milk & Honey Soapery

Celtic Dreams Bath and Body (Twitter)

celtic vegan soap

See our next post featuring orange soap in the Soap the Rainbow challenge.

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