Soap the Rainbow Yellow Week

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It’s time for Soap the Rainbow Yellow Week.  Yellow is the color to make your soap this week in Bramble Berry’s Soap the Rainbow challenge.  Bramble Berry is offering the opportunity to make a different color soap each week and win some prizes.  Check out our previous post with details plus a feature on the color red HERE and orange HERE.  All you need to do is post your soap image on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #soaptherainbow.  Besides the chance to win prizes, I may feature your little work of art on one of my blog posts featuring the color of week for added exposure to you and your business.

You can find information and tutorials for yellow soaps on the Soap Queen blog HERE.  This week, Amanda of Lovin Soap created two soaps in shades of yellow.  This first soap uses natural colorants of calendula and yellow Brazilian clay.  You can see the recipe and directions to make this soap HERE.



Amanda’s next soap is a Lemon Verbena ‘plop’ design.  Click HERE for the tutorial and recipe for this easy to make soap.


Amanda has an active blog with loads of free soapy articles, recipes, and tutorials that you should check out and follow.

Below are some of my favorite yellow soaps from the Soap the Rainbow challenge on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  There are many beautiful designs, and I can only choose a good handful, so be sure to search for your own faves by using the hashtag #soaptherainbow.

Sweet Escape (Facebook)
sweet escape

Bathe in Grace (Facebook)


Billy and Daisy (Facebook)


Sorry Deer Soap (Instagram)


Me Time Essentials (Instagram)


Studio Stewart (Instagram)


Honusharp (Instagram)


Tonmorrow I will reveal two soap tutorials for the color green that I made … one cold process and one melt and pour.  Stay tuned!

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