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You may have noticed my absence. I meant to take a short hiatus and ended up on a completely different journey. I went back to teaching and completed my master’s in Library and Information Science. I have been working as a school librarian for some time now.

When COVID-19 hit, things began to change, and I find I am longing for my creative outlet and sharing it with others. I have decided to come back to Bath Alchemy Lab and am so excited about some changes coming your way.

Here are few things I have been working on and will be releasing VERY soon.

Revamping Classes

Branded and refined presentations
Some updated videos
Conversion of manuals to a new, graphically-appealing ebook format
Workbooks and planners that correspond to the course

Revision of the Soapmaking Academy

Redesigning the flow
Shortening the program to 7 weeks instead of 14, but with all the content
Adding tons of bonus material
Live Q&A sessions

More and freshly designed ebooks

Fresh formatting of old ebooks for a new look
Revisions with new information for 2021
Offering class ebooks for those who would rather learn via written directions or for saving money
Added workbook sections prompting thoughtful planning


New recipes
New Grab-n-Go resources
New tutorials
New tools and planners


Added business courses and resources
Advanced business information
Training for teaching soapmaking to others
Bundled courses for savings

I want the very best for my customers. Everything is being reevaluated with you in mind.

What would you like to see to help you as a soapmaker or soap business? Now’s your chance to ask for the perfect tool or training for you.

Please post a comment to our question. You can also email for privacy – sales@bathalchemylab.com.

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