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There are lost of ways to connect with us.  We provide tutorials, recipes, and articles across multiple social media outlets, some of which are unique to that social sharing site.  Don’t be shy, connect with us on your favorite social site. To connect, click on the icon next to the description.

Pinterest is by far our favorite social sharing site.  We have over 3,700 pins on 77 boards all related to soap, cosmetics, candles and small business.

Facebook is the most popular social media. We use it to keep our followers up to date on our new blog articles as well as Bath Alchemy Lab news.

We use Twitter to provide short tidbits of news and information, as well as automatic retweets from those we follow.

Tumblr is our mini-blogging platform. We tend to post mostly tutorials and image heavy articles here.

Google+ allows us to share our blog posts with followers that frequent this social sharing site. We tend to post less here.

We are new to Instagram, which is a mobile sharing site. We post images of our products made in classes and of events.

While we have countless videos in our classes, we don’t have many posted on Vimeo. That will be changing. You will find many short tutorials soon.

Like Vimeo, our presence on YouTube has been scarce. This will change as new tutorials and reviews are posted for your viewing pleasure.