Formulating Your Own Soap Recipes eBook


This ebook is a comprehensive guide to creating your own soap recipes and formulations.

NOTE:  We are having technical difficulties with the new ebook version.  It will be back up on our site soon!!  If you have already ordered the ebook, please be patient.  We will send you a download link via email as soon as we get the file.

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Formulating Your Own Soap Recipes eBook: The Definitive Guide and Reference for Creating Unique Formulations & Recipes

Offered in print or as a digital ebook. This page is for the ebook version.

This complete guide to recipe building is a valuable resource for makers of bar and liquid soap at any skill level.  You no longer need to use recipes from a book or website.  Expert Erica D. Pence teaches you how to design your own formulas for truly unique soaps. Gain insight into these topics and more:

•    Selecting ingredients based on your desired soap properties
•    Understanding saponification values and fatty acids’ role in soapmaking
•    Tackling the math involved in recipe formulating, step by step
•    Understanding lye discounts, water amounts, milk and more
•    Trait Combination Guides™ and other useful tools to get you started
•    179 Hard-to-find, comprehensive oil profiles in one reference book
•    Includes reference section filled with tables of information at your fingertips.

This easy-to-use book provides everything you need to know about creating your own soap recipes.

ISBN: 978-0-9861696-1-8
Type:  EPUB
Length:  350 pages

Table of Contents:


Section 1: Basics of Soapmaking
Soapmaking Methods
General Terminology and Science
Lye and Safe Handling
Fats and Oils
Scenting Soap
Coloring Soap
Soapmaking Process

Sections 2: Key Ingredients
Understanding Oil Properties
Understanding Oil and Fat Profiles
Oil and Fat Profiles

Section 3: Formulating Recipes
One Rule of Soapmaking
Simple Calculations
Formulating Phase 1 – Using Existing Recipes
Formulating Phase 2 – Altering Existing Recipes
Formulating Phase 3 – Creating New Recipes

Section 4: Other Considerations
Lye Discounts and Superfatting
Water and Soapmaking
Using Milks
Liquid Substitutions
Additives and Design
Using a Lye or Soap Calculator
Using INS
Advanced Recipe Formulating
Troubleshooting Recipes

Section 5: Appendix
Appendix A – Oil Saponification Values (SAP) and Properties
Appendix B – Oils by SAP Value for Quick Substitutions
Appendix C – Oils by Primary
Appendix D – Fatty Acids List
Appendix E – INS and Iodine Values (IV) for Oils
Appendix F – Availability of Oils
Appendix G – Oils by Region
Appendix H – INCI by Oils
Appendix I – Formulation Worksheets
Appendix J – Unit Conversions

Sections 6: Resources

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