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The material was presented in a conversational, informative format. The lesson progression made sense and I never felt lost. The written materials are excellent and will serve as a good resource going further. I can’t wait for next weeks class. In the meantime, I am going to make some soap! Thank-you EricaCindy P.
Thanks so much Erica. You know, my wife and I have so enjoyed your course and your support. It has been well worth every penny. The course material and your responses to this and every question I have had has proven to be invaluable. We have learned so much from you.Peter M.
This course was excellent for a beginner ! I learned so much at my own pace ! This was a plus for a working artisan.Diane W.
This class covered quite a lot of information. I was not expecting to learn exactly what occurs during saponification. While it isn’t necessary to know for making soap, no one really explains this. Also, I really felt the recipe formulation information was worth its weight in gold. Everything was thorough.Irene P.
Excellent! They explain everything very clear and give you examples. The manual given in this class is really handy.Ximena C.
I have taken several classes from Bath Alchemy Lab, and I always learn far more than expected. This has got to be the best information on color for soapmaking I have been able to find. I love how she also taught how to vein, paint, dust, etc. with mica. While some tidbits of this information can be found on the Internet, this class is both thorough and covers everything I could possibly want to learn and then some.Irene P.
I appreciate all the knowledge that Erica has put into this class. Excellent class with helpful videos.Cherrine A.
I am still on the beginner soap-making course but I already got a lot of knowledge. Ms. Erica explains it well and hope I can make my first personalized handmade soap soon. Highly recommended course!Chellemie R.
Excellent! Great techniques to bring my designs to the next level.Michele D.
I am so pleased with my ezine. On quick inspection this is an invaluable tool and am so grateful for your help.Susan J.
I am currently reading, taking notes, experimenting with different scents and simply enjoying, Scenting in Soapmaking. You have answered so many of the questions I had regarding scenting in soapmaking. I am carefully following your suggestions. The Scent Blend Record is an excellent tool to have when scenting. I am looking forward to reading Formulating Your Own Recipes. I also purchased the first issue of the Artisan Soapmaker. The photos are excellent and the instructions are detailed and presented in a step-by-step format, which makes following the instructions easier.
Betty S.